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SINCE 1996

Shenzhen double Ping Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise, founded in June 1996, has been dedicated to the development and production of solid-state medium frequency and high-frequency induction heating equipment. The existing staff of more than 100 people, the company's headquarters in Shenzhen, the business area of 600 square meters, the production plant in Dongguan, operating a total area of about 8480 square meters.

The development history of the development of our company and solid induction heating equipment is directly related to the witness and achievements of the solid-state induction heating devices from the "sparks of fire" to "Liaoyuan" history, is the production of solid state induction heating equipment manufacturers have a long history.

main products

Our company specializes in the production, development and sale of small, portable, medium frequency and high frequency induction heating equipment. Existing equipment more than 100 kinds of specifications, products covered by medium frequency (1 ~ 20KHz), ultra audio frequency (20 ~ 80KHz) and high frequency (100 ~ 1.5MHz), power 3KW ~ 600KW, suitable for all metal heating occasions, is one of the China specializing in the production of induction heating equipment manufacturers at present. Our products are small, light, efficient, energy-saving, easy to use, stable and reliable features, has won the trust of customers. Products covering the ry, and exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, India and other places. Become a global induction heating power industry banner.

Technical acteristics

Double flat is a high-tech private enterprise, the company technical department of all independent development, mainly in the utility model patent "our general manager Mr. Wei Weiping of the small power switching inverter, high frequency magnetic induction heating equipment" (Patent No.: ZL 95238106) as the basis, according to the needs of the market, derived from a series of dle and high frequency induction heating equipment.

Our first generation technology for single control series resonant, which developed the SP series ultra audio frequency induction heating equipment, this technique is simple, in the low power range and ultra low frequency range of audio, reliable work, this technology has become the main stream technology of many national induction heating equipment manufacturers, equipment special "double flat di. "Beep" has become the hallmark of many small induction heating equipment.

In 2000, our company developed the second generation technology - double control series resonance, which developed more high-power ultra audio equipment, which makes the reliability of high-power induction heating equipment greatly improved;
In 2002, our company developed the third generation technology, high-speed dual regulation of all resonant soft switch control technology, the technology to expand the frequency range of the induction heating equipment, using this technology, so that our company can use ordinary IGBT tube, produce frequency is 100KHZ to 1.1MHZ induction heating equipment, creating the myth of IGBT application.

The same year, our company developed the fourth generation technology -- double regulation parallel resonant soft switching control technology, this technology on the development of a "small" series of intermediate frequency equipment, and widely used in the smelting and forging of the intermediate frequency, frequency power supply can directly replace the conventional thyristor medium frequency power supply equipment, not only small volume and light weight, and a wider frequency range 1KHZ ~ 20KHZ, so the heating efficiency is higher, more convenient.

All our products have been d patent, with more than 20 design patent technology.
Our company has always supported "the first impetus" scientific and technological innovation for enterprise development concept, development and development work by the general manager himself leader of new products, and to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University and other institutions of higher learning.


Through the ISO9001:2008 product quality certification. Each link of the company's production, sales, management and maintenance into the quality management system, especially the production process, from the original device inspection, parts production, assembly, testing all aspects of equipment products, in strict accordance with the provisions of the quality assurance system, to ensure the quality of the products is stable and reliable.

customer service

Our company has been committed to the construction in the national service network effectively, can provide a comprehensive and efficient service for nearby customers and dealers include: cash supply, process test, delivery and installation, equipment maintenance, technical consultation etc.. Up to now, Shanghai branch, Yuhuan branch, Beijing branch,     Ningbo branch, branch, Chongqing branch and Foshan branch have been established. Our service network has three phase power, a large number of equipment inventory, there are all maintenance parts storage, there are professional technical workers, all of the company since the purchase of property, "50 years unchanged."".

My company has a number of outstanding professional and technical personnel, the induction heating equipment and supporting the production, have more professional knowledge of all kinds of metal heating process, can provide professional technical advisory services for customers.

Distribution network

Over the past decade, depending on the quality of products, rely on the integrity, rely on the comprehensive strength, a number of outstanding dealers have double flat everywhere at home and abroad, these dealers all over the various provinces and cities nationwide, the industry, many ries around the world, is the bridge between our company and the customer.

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