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General manager introduction

General manager Mr. Wei Weiping in 1980 ~ 1984 undergraduate student at the Beihang University, 1987 graduate from Harbin Institute of Technology majoring in welding, has been engaged in the research and development of inverter power supply, has unique insights and achievements in the field of inverter technology. In 1995 to the patent: "small power switching inverter. The high frequency magnetic induction heating equipment, founded in 1996 in Shenzhen Shuangping Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd., specializing in the production and development of solid transistor type induction heating equipment. On the basis of the original patent, Mr. Wei developed a full range of high frequency induction heating equipment in our company.

Mr. Wei has been research pilot induction heating equipment, not only overcome the solid-state transistor inverter parallel resonant difficulties, and IGBT power devices used in the common frequency from 100KHZ to 1.1MHZ ultra high frequency power supply, and every year will continue to launch new products, application and technology of high frequency induction heating equipment to further expand and promotion.

Speech by general manager

My ideal is to use their own unique technology, to the most practical, the most inexpensive series induction heating equipment for the benefit of the metal processing industry; my biggest pride is the double flat series induction heating equipment to their erparts around the world attention; my greatest achievement is the sense of double "high-frequency" into the metal processing all walks of life. I am looking forward to the double flat "small intermediate frequency" universal market, so that the traditional intermediate frequency replacement; more looking forward to "small 100KH ~ 1.1MHZ high frequency" for small high-frequency in the heat treatment industry to open a new world.

Induction heating is a cross industry professional and comprehensive trade, so we have been done by "social services" concept, to provide equipment for the customer at the same time, it provides a powerful technical support for customers. Sales equipment is to provide customers with a lifetime guarantee, which is the starting point of all our plans. My goal is to make Bi Ping the ry's, and even the world's most professional induction heating equipment manufacturers.

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