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SPZ-B M.F induction heater (with transformer)

SPZ-15B2 medium frequency induction heater

(1) SPZ-15B2 with transformer
(2) Configuration: generator with transformer + capacitor + coil
(3) 15KW, 2—20KHZ
(4) Input: 380V three phase, 50 or 60HZ
(5) Used for melting, etc.

SPZ-25B MF Induction heating machine

(1) SPZ-25B MF Induction heating machine
(2) With transformer;
(3) Output frequency: 5—20KHZ
(4) Rod heating application in the picture

SPZ-35B MF Induction heating machine with transformer

(1) SPZ-35B MF Induction heating machine with transformer
(2) Maximum input power: 35KW
(3) Output frequency: 5—20KHZ
(4) Picture: Mould heating

SPZ-45B MF Induction heating machine with transformer

(1) SPZ-45B MF Induction heating machine with transformer
(2) Maximum input power: 45KW
(3) Output frequency: 5—20KHZ
(4) Picture: Mould heating with temperature controller

SPZ-45B-II X-Ray tube heat for gas releasing

(1) SPZ-45B-II X-Ray tube heat for gas releasing
(2) 12 parts heating together
(3) With transformer and small capacitor
(4) 15KHZ about;

SPZ-45B All-in-one MF induction heating machine

(1) SPZ-45B All-in-one MF Induction heating machine
(2) With transformer, side output
(3) Output frequency: 5-20KHZ about
(4) 45KW
(5) Used for melting and fitting etc.

SPZ-70B-II 6KHZ Cutting pick brazing machine

(1) SPZ-70B-II 6KHZ Cutting pick brazing machine
(2) Braze cutting pick and bit
(3) With transformer and small capacitor
(4) 6KHZ, good heating penetration
(5) Two pieces brazing

SPZ-90B MF Rod heating machine

(1) SPZ-90B MF rod heating machine
(2) With transformer
(3) Picture: Ф25 rod heating
(4) Output frequency: 10KHZ about

SPZ-110B MF induction heating machine

(1) SPZ-110B MF Induction heating machine
(2) With transformer, side output
(3) 110KW
(4) Output frequency: 5-20KHZ about

SPZ-110B Copper parts brazing machine

(1) SPZ-110B copper parts brazing machine
(2) MF induction heating machine with transformer
(3) Output frequency: 10KHZ about
(4) Copper part in picture: 80L×25T
(5) Brazing time: 10~20 sec.

SPZ-160B rod heater with cold/hot status switch

(1) SPZ-160B rod heater
(2) With cold / hot status switch
(3) With MF transformer
(4) For single steel rod heating


Generally to say, We do not have whole set of SPZ-B machines in stock, we have stock of only SPZ generator, whereas the capacitor and MF transformer will be designed and manufactured as per the work pieces and heating requirement of customers.

We need below information from customer for consultation and purchase:

(1)Material and dimension of the work piece to be heated,

(2)Heating application and speed, heating time required; total piece heating or only surface heating ? If surface heating, how much thickness? Etc.

(3)Any restriction on the shape and size of the coil? If it is heating from inside or outside? If the coil is enclosed or C-shaped? Is there any metal material easily induction heated within100 mmfrom the coil?

(4)Any requirement for the frequency?

(5)Heating environment: in open air or vacuum? Is there any protection gas?

(6)Any other detail in relation to the machine design?

Generally, SHUANGPING supply split type machines as shown below:

ConfigurationGenerator + transformer + capacitor + coil      

As the picture shows above, main is the MF generator, output unit is transformer and capacitor.  Coil can be connected directly to the output unit, and can also be connected thought water cooled cable as shown in the below picture. 

      When using water cooled cable to connect the coil, current through the cable is same as the current of the coil, this will cause great energy consumption on the cable. On the other hand, inductance of water cooled cable will also influence the frequency and matching of the whole machine set.  Anyway, it will be better to connect the coil without water cooled cable, if must use, the shorter the better.

      SPZ-B series machines feature big output unit size. But these machines are low cost, easy to match the load, with adjustable capacitor, and are the most widely used structure and configuration type used by SHUANGPING.

Small capacitor can be used to get smaller output unit, but the cost of the machine will increase at the same time. Picture below is SPZ-70B-II machine in which small capacitors are used. It is obvious to see that the output unit is much smaller now.

Please click the link: to get more information about the advantages, features, applications, working theory, category and model definition and other details for ordering. 

   Very Important:  Frequency of SPZ generator is 1—20KHZ, a very wide range. But the frequency range of the whole set machine is much smaller which is related to the transformer design and capacitors used.  Otherwise, the cost of the whole machine will be much higher with a very huge output unit.

We’ll design the transformer, capacitor and coil according to the application, part and requirements of the customer to not only realize the frequency desire but also get good matching and full power out.  The machine can work very well with the matching status designed, if new coil and new workpiece is applied, problem may arouse, so please contact us to get technical support then to avoid destroying the machine.  Generally to say, if the replaced coil is bigger inductance, it will lower the output frequency, there is possibility to have problem in transformer, lower frequency may cause the magnetic core saturated to cause over current failure or other problem.  On the contrary, if the replaced coil is smaller inductance, it will increase the output frequency to have danger to destroy the capacitor.

Generally, the lower the frequency, the higher the machine cost,  the heavier the output unit will be.   In SHUANGPING design, frequency is usually 8—20KHZ or 5—20KHZ.  When specially ordered, 2.5KHZ can also be available.



Input power





Other desires








When ordering, frequency range must be confirmed


50or 60HZ





Can be ordered

1、Timer function. Mark A in the modelfor example: SPZ-45AB

2、One cabinet machine;

3、Using small capacitor, Mark –II in the model, for example SPZ-45B-II

4、Other special desires.





















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