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SP-04AC High frequecny induction heater

(1) Model: SP-04AC with timer
(2) Maximum input power: 4KW
(3) Output frequency: 100—250KHZ
(4) Heating Current: 200~400A
(5) Input: 220V 50 or 60HZ
(6) Duty cycle: 80%
(7) Heating, retaining and cooling time: 1—99 sec.
(8) Cooling water desire: ≥0.2MPa 2~5L/min
(9) Weight : 18KG
(10) Size (CM):42L×19W×36H
(11) Used for saw tip brazing, etc.

Keyword: induction heater, high frequency brazing machine, melting machine,



Main specifications:

SP-04C series is suitable for the heating of small metal parts, for example,

  (1)brazing of tips of wooden saw

  (2)Heat treatment of small parts

  (3)Melting of gold, silver, copper, brass and steel of little amount.
SP-04C series machines are acterized with simple structure, high reliability, 250KHZ frequency and low price, and are one of the most popular models and have been used widely in every areas of metal heating.
Working theory and structure
   In SP-04C series machines, series oscillating circuit is applied, through high frequency transformer, low voltage and high current power is output to go through the induction coil.  SP-04C series machines are the first models developed in our company, using MOSFET components and our first generation inverting control technology,  the machines are featured with simple structure, high reliability and low price, and they are easy to use and to repair, and are now the most widely used machines both in China and abroad.

Advantages and applications of Timer function of SP-04AC:
    1. Heating power, retaining power, heating time, retaining time and cooling time can be preset and adjusted, this makes it possible to control the heating curve and heating time.
   2. It is suitable to use in the repeated heating or high speed heating of small parts;
   3. When using in brazing, with proper timing parameters, rapid heating and retaining can be achieved to keep the temperature while the brazing material is melted and then to let the brazing material spread smoothly to form good joint.

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